Learn Green 2 Live Green
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Green Awareness Program


The word “Green” has entered our daily lives. We read about it in the news, see it on TV and hear about it on the radio, but what is it and how does it affect us?


When it comes to mechanicals, (HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical) “Green” means fuel and energy effi­ciency, renewable and sustainable fuel source, and water conservation.


Everyone wants to reduce energy costs while maintaining their life­style.


Both employers and consumers want to be Green and reduce energy con­sumption. They want you to be aware of the various methods em­ployed in reducing energy consump­tion and conserving water. They want you to be knowledgeable about new technologies.


This course is designed to provide the attendee with a basic under­standing of Green concept, terminol­ogy, systems, and the latest technol­ogy.



HVAC technicians Facilities maintenance personnel Plumbers Electricians Energy managers Service contractors, Boiler contractors General contractors 



This course is an awareness course, covering Green mechanical con­cepts, terminologies, systems, and the latest technologies. It is designed to allow you to be conversant in Green Mechanical issues.




An excellent overview for technicians, multi-craft trades people, building man­agers, or anyone interested in under­standing the fundamentals of energy conservation and management. 


Attendees will also learn about Green Mechanical products and systems.


Energy Efficiency Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Coefficient of Performance Energy Efficiency Ratio Heating Seasonal Performance Factor Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio


Energy Management Building Information Modeling Commercial Bldg Energy Consumption Survey Energy Conservation Measure  Energy Information Administration Energy Audit Energy Consumption and Demand  Analysis Heat Load Calculation Ghost Loads

Alternative Energy


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Ventilation Comfort Cooling Mechanical

 Air Conditioning  Evaporative Cooling  Passive Cooling  Solar Cooling  Thermal Storage  Comfort Heating Thermal Mass and Storage Heating System Efficiency High Efficiency Boiler systems  Condensing Boilers Waste-Heat Recovery

Instantaneous Boiler Radiant Panel Systems High Efficiency Forced Air Heating

Condensing Furnaces Modulating Furnaces Solar Heating Systems Solar Air Heating Solar Water Comfort Heating

Optimized Steam Systems Steam Trap Management Condensate Return

Comfort Heating Cooling Combination

 Systems Geothermal PTACs Air to Air Heat Pumps


Electrical  Electrical Power

 Generation  Fuel Cells Photovoltaic  Wind Turbines Motor Efficiency
Lighting Fluorescent LED


Plumbing Grey Water Rain Water Recovery  Potable Water Instantaneous Hot Water  Solar Domestic Hot Water

Reduced Water Volume Systems Waterless Flush  Low Flow Low Flush


Attendees that successfully pass the exit exam will be awarded 

Green Awareness Certification

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